Ag Food Consulting's advisory approach gives business leaders the business and market insights to improve their business development efforts through development and implementation of effective business and marketing strategies:
  • Establishment a long-term rather than a transactional or assignment based relationship with clients.

  • Establish the relationship based on specific assignments or transactions.

  • Integrate into the senior management team with the CEO as the primary contact.

  • Retain an independent view of strategic challenges and opportunities for the client's business and bring a global perspective rather than a national or regional approach.

  • Focus on strategic results with a significant element of compensation related to stock options or success fees.

  • All aspects of the client relationship handled by a senior staff and client staff being incorporated into the work to the largest extent possible.

  • Provide clients with seasoned advisors who have had substantial business and management experience at senior levels in leading corporations.

Ag Food Consulting provides client based services including general corporate strategy or a marketing or business analysis, individual marketing strategy, or developing a government relations strategy.